As a lifelong resident of Michigan, I was born in Port Huron, attended Albion College, and have made southeast Michigan my home. As a proud Albion College alumnus, I was an active member of the Environmental Institute and after graduating with honors from Albion College’s Gerald R. Ford Institute for Public Policy and Service in 2008, I attended Wayne State University Law School, graduating with honors in 2011. I then earned my Masters Degree in Political Science at WSU in 2017. I am currently the Deputy Treasurer for Public Policy and Outreach for the Oakland County Treasurer’s Office where I work on legislative and legal affairs.

My wife, Allie, and I met while we were both attending Albion and have been married for nearly seven years. When we were looking for a place to buy a home and raise a family, we knew we didn’t have to look any further than Berkley and we purchased our first home together here in 2015. Our son, Isaac, is nearly three and we are thrilled about the prospect of him attending Berkley’s exceptional public schools, where so many stories have begun for so many  generations of Berkley families.

My personal and professional experiences have instilled in me a belief that government can be a force for good and should work towards improving the lives of the people it serves. Local government service offers the unique opportunity to work closely with residents, businesses, citizen interest organizations, congregations, neighborhood groups, surrounding communities, and state and county governments in order to make real progress. Working together we can make Berkley an even better place to live, play, raise children, and retire.