As young parents, my wife and I were drawn to Berkley because of its unique community feel. The idea of our future family walking to school together and our children swinging on swings in Berkley’s beautiful parks appealed to us. The quality of life in Berkley is high and I want to protect that for every resident in the city. I want to to keep Berkley one of the safest cities in the state through continuing to support our Public Safety, and I will continue advocating for our Parks and Recreation Department which enhances the lives of every resident from child to senior. I will work to ensure that the very essence that drew my family to Berkley is maintained for everyone.

As your Councilmember, I will continue to foster the working relationship between the City and the Berkley School District. The effective partnership between the City and the Berkley School District enhances the quality of services and education that are provided to students and residents alike. I am proud to be supported by some members of the Berkley School Board and will work tirelessly to identify new ways to collaborate.