We have an opportunity to grow Berkley together, to write that future history together. Berkley does many things well, which is why it is such a great place to live, but as with anything,  we can always continue to improve. Let’s work together, not only maintain Berkley’s appeal, but to enhance it and strengthen it with an eye towards the city’s future. I am so thankful for the opportunity to  serve on City Council. Please tell me what your priorities are for our future together. I hope to earn your vote.


You can’t vote if you’re not registered! The Secretary of State has recently redesigned their website to better serve you. Find out if you are able to cast your ballot here.


There are 7 voter precincts in the city of Berkley. Do you know where to find yours? Find out here.


Proposal 3 passed in Michigan in 2018 allowing for a U.S. citizen who is qualified to vote in Michigan to: Become automatically registered to vote when applying for, updating or renewing a driver’s license or state-issued personal identification card, unless the person declines. Simultaneously register to vote with proof of residency and obtain a ballot during the 2-week period prior to an election, up to and including Election Day. Obtain an absent voter ballot without providing a reason. Cast a straight-ticket vote for all candidates of a particular political party when voting in a partisan general election. Learn more here.