I am happy to endorse Ross Gavin for Berkley City Council! His passion for our city, his support of our schools and his enthusiasm for a prosperous and vibrant downtown makes him an excellent choice to help lead our city into the future.
— Keith A. Logsdon, City of Berkley Resident

In a time of divisive politics it is refreshing to have a leader with vision and a broad, inclusive agenda that is moving Berkley forward. Ross has served our city with integrity and a ‘get-it-done’ attitude. That’s the reason I believe Ross Gavin is good for Berkley.
— Phil O’Dwyer, Former Berkley Mayor

In his time on council, Ross has proven to be thoughtful, approachable, and kind to all. He is driven to keep Berkley a community where neighborliness trumps disagreement, and a place we are all proud to call home.
— Colleen Graveline, Former City Councilmember
Ross brings a strong commitment for Berkley and meticulous attention to detail, and will continue to serve our neighbors and residents well.
— Steve Baker, City of Berkley Mayor Pro Tem
Ross is an integral member of the council. He always comes to a meeting prepared and is extremely dedicated to the business of the city. Ross continually strives to make Berkley a better place to live and will continue to represent the people of Berkley in an outstanding manner.
— Jack Blanchard, Berkley City Councilmember
During Ross’ time on Council he has made thoughtful and well researched decisions. His experience working in the Oakland County Treasurer’s Office has been a valuable asset to Berkley. I fully support his election to a four-year term so he may continue his hard work and dedication to our community.
— Eileen Steadman, Berkley City Councilmember
It is my distinct honor to give a very resounding endorsement for Councilman Gavin. As the past Commander of the American Legion it was always best to have strong leadership and I see the very same character and hard work ethic when Ross takes on all tasks presented. I stand with Ross because of his purpose and conviction and for the brighter future he wants for Berkley.
— Dale Goodcourage, Former Berkley Mayor Pro Tem